About us

www.ogalodge.com is a subsidiary of the mother company- Ogalink technologies, a techbased company established and incorporated with the sole aim to provide university students with services necessary for a convenient and stress-free student living.

Most at times, our dear students spread across various universities need to trek miles around campus area in search for hostels that perfectly suite their perfect taste. But do they really need to always bear such pains of unfruitful trekkings?

In as much as students don't want to experience this unbearable stress in securing hostel accommodation, we also don't want to even hear the thought of it and that's we created a mobile website for easy online booking of hostels with the aid of simple 'phone clicks'.

Our focus is to eliminate stress in a student life. The wellbeing of students cannot be over emphasized as students may be just 20% of our population but they are 100% our future.